Paper 1 – Anvinh Truong

Creating a personal narrative was fun and interesting because all the information that was put into the paper had to be detailed to the point where someone who doesn’t know me personally would understand the situation. It took a lot of time and effort to create this paper because I wanted to make sure that I got something out of the experience that was personal to me.

First, I had to brainstorm all of the types of experiences that I had. The best personal experience that I could remember was that of Christmas last year. It was a time where I was with all of my family and learned how to enjoy my time with my family members.

Second, I created a draft of the paper to see where my writing would take me and would make improvements later on.

Third, with fellow peers, we reviewed each others papers and commented on how it could be improved on. The paper was also given to the professor to review.

Fourth, after getting feedback from the professor and peers, I took the constructive criticism into consideration and made sure to include it into my paper to make it more personal to me.

Fifth, I proofread the paper to make sure that there were no errors and I printed/published the paper.

It was really interesting to create a personal narrative because I have never really have done it in my other schools and it was fun for me.

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