Profiles – Pokemon Go

The next paper that I had to complete was a profile. The desired topic that I addressed for my profile is Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a game that was released in 2016 that changed the mobile gaming industry forever and I decided to choose it as my next topic. I already had experience with Pokemon Go and the Pokemon franchise in general, so it was something that was exciting for me to discuss.

What I first did was research the release of Pokemon Go and the creators of the game, Niantic. Niantic had history in the mobile gaming industry already with their game, Ingress. Pokemon Go came to be because of Ingress and the Pokemon Company’s director, Mr. Ishihara’s love for the game.

After researching the history of the game and the company, I decided to create a rough draft of the profile and talk about the history of NIantic, history of the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Go, and the mechanics of the game. I quickly proofread the paper and turned in the paper.

I turned in the draft and went to the writing center at ccny to further discuss improvements for the paper. I also went to discuss with the professor about improving the paper and my writing skills as a whole.

Finally, I pieced all of the feedback I got from the writing center, my professor, and my knowledge to finish my final draft and hand it in. Creating drafts and getting help from other people really helped me understand the paper as a whole and overall made it simpler for me to understand and finish it. I had an amazing time writing this profile and can’t wait for the next one!


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