Analysis Paper on Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Anvinh Truong

What I first did when I started on my Analysis Paper was to find out the topic that I was going to analyze. One topic that really caught my interest was in gaming, more specifically first person shooters. I always hear from parents that gaming and guns online is not good for people, but I was going to prove them wrong. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first person shooter where a lot of strategy and teamwork is involved. I decided to focus on this top and analyze how this game provides real world skills.

After I figured out my topic, I decided to create an outline with sources I found on the internet. This rough outline would just be a base for what I would focus my analysis on and would later fix. I then went to the writing center at CCNY to get some feedback from the helpers there so that I can incorporate that information into the final draft of the paper.

The feedback given to me from the writing center really helped me focus on the analysis and understand where I should go with the paper, involving evidence from outside sources and analytical data as well.

I never really learned much about analysis papers in high school so I was a little confused with the paper, but this was a great learning experience for me that I will use in future writing papers. It helped me understand how to analyze and understand a certain topic.

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