Research Paper on Vaccinations – Anvinh Truong

The writing process for the research paper was a long one because a lot of information had to be gathered on the topic of my choice. I first found over 6 websites that I could incorporate into my paper (and would later add more sources from professional studies). All of these websites that I found were related to vaccinations and the safety on it for children and adolescence.

Next, I created a rough draft that would include the sources I gathered and since it was about how children should get vaccinated, I needed the opposing side as well and found more sources on that. This draft was very basic and need more research on the topic of vaccinations, so I had to get more sources that provided more conclusive evidence.

I encountered a problem that I usually did whenever I wrote papers, and it was that I never proof read. I did not proof read my draft, and it clearly showed on the feedback I received from my English professor.

I did incorporate the feedback I was given from my professor, but I also added in more sources to back up my claims and refute the opposing side. My final draft of the research paper also included images to further enhance the argument.

I had some experience in writing research papers, but this was the one where I really had to focus and understand what to do since it was the final paper. I understood that I had to proof read this one, or else it wouldn’t be up to standards of getting a good grade. Overall, I really learned from writing this paper and it was a good learning process for me.

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