Portfolio and Cover Letter – Anvinh Truong

Anvinh Truong

English 1100/A

Intro to Composition

Prof. I. Bodre

December 15, 2018


Dear Reader,

I came into English 1100/A with sub-par writing skills and analysis on topics. Throughout the term, I learned various strategies that helped improve my writing skills and the ability to analyze a topic and research further in depth. The skills that I learned from class, such as, prewriting, organizing, and proof-reading were all taken into consideration of my papers. Sources that I used for my papers were more different than usual for me because now, I had to find library sources that were from professionals instead of online articles. The MLA format is used in college and I sometimes used the format in high school so I had to get used to the format as well.  All of the material that I got online and from the library improved my skills of synthesis and all of the other writing skills I learned as well.

The first paper that I wrote for the class was a personal narrative, which also was the one that exemplified my mediocre writing skills. I did organize all of my ideas when I was brainstorming and I did get feedback from peers, but I could’ve used more information tha related to myself personally, instead of it as a whole. “I love Christmas because I get to spend time with all of my loved ones and create new memories that I can cherish for the rest of my life”.  This sentence was in the conclusion of my paper and it one of the rare times I included myself in the paper, which I should’ve done throughout. However, I was starting to learn how to proof-read and organize all of the information I had into a coherent paper. This was the first paper of the term, so naturally, I felt that it was horrible since I used my knowledge from high school.

The next paper I felt was an improvement from the last one was the analysis paper on Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This paper really helped me improve on my ability to synthesise. I used multiple sources from the web that ranged from a database of the game to a review from an online article. “The intended audience for the game according to Zorine Te is for people that liked games that were “ …slower based combat and emphasis on teamwork” (Boom 15 Years of Headshots, par. 9).” From the article by Zorine Te, I further synthesized and based on my own experience of Counter Strike, I further explained how the game improves soft skills. To further enhance my paper, I went to the writing center at CCNY to get feedback from a different perspective to see how I could improve the paper instead of reading it myself. Having other people read my work really helped me understand the areas that I could improve on since if I just read it, I wouldn’t see any problems.

The final paper for the class was the research paper, which for me was about vaccinations for children. Since this was the final paper of the class, I had to make sure that all of the information regarding essay writing was properly used for this paper. I first created a rough draft that included all of the sources I was going to use. This draft was given to the professor to read and provide feedback. I incorporated the feedback and started to revise my paper and synthesise the material I found from the school online library database and from the web. This was an argumentative research paper where I was for childhood vaccinations, incorporating rhetorical situations, which was what we learned on the first day of class. All of these sources were relevant to the paper and had information on the benefits of childhood vaccinations and the doubt of it. I felt like this paper was the best that I had done as I incorporated everything I learned into this paper and only provided information relevant to the paper.

Overall, I had an amazing time in this class and really learned a lot about writing papers and improving on my writing skills. All of these skills I learned are really going to help in the future for my major because I will have to explain my work to other people and provide detailed information on my work. I felt that I really improved from my first paper to my final paper because of the experience of high school writing to college writing. Writing has become so much more than 4 paragraphs for me as it originally was thought to be and I realized how much thought and research is put into papers that are excellent and I strive for that. I believe that my writing has greatly improved from the beginning of the class till now and will keep on improving my papers.


Personal Narrative 

Anvinh Truong

English 1100/A

Intro to Composition

Prof. I. Bodre

October 1, 2018


Last year, I had one of the best Christmas holidays of my entire life. The previous years were very traditional in the sense that my cousins and I would always do the same activities everytime we would go to our grandmother’s house. It got really boring and I started to dislike going over. Last year, however, we decided to change things up and instead of the usual routine, we would add a twist with new games and activities to enjoy.

But, before I explain what the new twists to my Christmas holiday was, I will talk about what a traditional Christmas holiday was at my grandmother’s house. Every Christmas, my family would walk past the same Trade Fair on the dark, gray sidewalk to my grandmother’s house. It would always be cold and I would always hear the wind whistle as I walked by. As we approached the 3 story, orange brick house with a green awning on the second floor and a garage, my family would open the white gate and ring the first floor doorbell so that my grandmother would come to open it. We would typically come around 5:30 p.m. Not much would be going on since not many people arrived at that time. As the clock struck 7:00 p.m., most of my cousins would arrive and we would all eat dinner. Dinner was always served in the garage, where there would be the most room to fit over 20 people to eat, and it varied from hot pot (boiling broth in a pot with vegetables, seafood, meat, and other food) to egg rolls. The adults made all the food and I would always think to myself, “Wow. Eating here really is the best. Hot pot is always the best when it is cold outside .” After an hour of dinner, all of the adults went into the living room to talk and the teenagers would go to the second floor to watch television. At 11:00 p.m., everyone would leave and go home.  

Pretty boring right? That was a traditional Christmas Holiday at my grandmother’s house and it was never going to change, that is, until my three cousins decided to change it up a bit and make Christmas more fun for us.

Last Christmas, my family walked past the same Trade Fair, on the same dark, gray sidewalk to reach the 3 story orange brick house; but this time, we came with presents. The second floor with the green awning also had Christmas lights, green and red bulbs, making the house look very festive. As we went inside my grandmother’s house, a small, green pine tree was on our right side and around the tree were various Christmas presents of varying sizes. As I looked at the presents, some of them didn’t have any names on them.

Some of the gifts had no names on them because we were going to play White Elephant. White Elephant is a game where every person involved brings their own, unnamed gift so it would be anonymous. Every person drew sticks to see who went first and last. It was very exciting, because no one knew what present they would get.  

As more cousins arrived, the tree would have presents all around it and dinner time was approaching. This time, however, some of the teenagers decided to cook some dishes of their own, like macaroni and cheese with biscuits. It was the first time that any of the teenagers created a dish for the holidays. The garage was filled with loud chatter and plates being passed around. It was an amazing time and I was filled with food.  

After dinner was done, we all left the garage and went to the front of the house to play White Elephant. Every person involved picked their stick (I was sixth) and chose a present. In the end, I got a kindle, which was pretty awesome! We all tried out our presents and some people even traded their gifts with others.

As I left the lively household, I could not wait for Christmas to happen again because it was one of the best that I ever had. While a traditional Christmas was nice, adding a twist to it made it even more enjoyable. In my opinion, adding White Elephant and making our own dishes was an amazing addition to the Christmas tradition. Being together with my relatives is really enjoyable and it makes me happy and gives me motivation to work harder and enjoy my life.  I love Christmas because I get to spend time with all of my loved ones and create new memories that I can cherish for the rest of my life.  


Analysis Paper

Anvinh Truong

English 1100/A

Intro to Composition

Prof. I. Bodre

December 3rd, 2018

Counter-Strike: Life Skills in a Video game

There has been a misconception among people, mainly adults’, that video games involving guns and shooting are dangerous for the well-being of their child. For years, we have been told to stop playing video games and instead study, work, or go outside because these games have no sort of educational purpose or meaning to real life. However, there are games involving guns that do provide skills that can be utilized in the real world and also serve to educate, while entertaining the user. ​

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first person shooting game that breaks free of the misconception of being a dangerous game; learning through experience, this game teaches us how to work as a team and use strategies to succeed in game, and in real life. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first person shooter released in 2012 and developed by Valve Corporation, a digital distribution, video game developer, and publishing company. Valve is a very prestigious company because of Steam, one of the largest digital distribution platforms that are currently available. Being part of a large gaming company means that the games developed by them must have importance in the gaming industry. The financial backing of Valve allowed CS:GO​ to become revolutionary in the gaming industry because of its emphasis on teamwork, strategy making, and skills.  

Currently, CS:GO is available for the PC, adding more room for variety and new content for the game as opposed to it being on a console like the XBOX or PS4. According to a thread consisting of other users on Valve’s platform, Steam, CS:GO was available on consoles, but failed to bring in players because of the cost to continuously update the game. Furthermore, the first person shooter did not port well from PC to console, and the controls were completely different. The game is played using a mouse and keyboard on a PC, while on consoles, a controller is used with 4 buttons and a joystick. Unlike other first person shooters like ​Call of Duty ​ and ​Battlefield​ , CS:GO was meant for the PC and was best played using a mouse and keyboard.  

The intended audience for the game according to Zorine Te is for people that liked games that were “ …slower based combat and emphasis on teamwork” (Boom 15 Years of Headshots, par. 9). The game is meant to be played with other users online and is slow based teamplay, which included strategy.  


Fig. 1. Five Versus Five gameplay in first person involving Counter-Terrorists, as shown here and Terrorists. (JPangELite)


CS:GO is an online multiplayer game that includes competitive mode (five versus five), casual mode (10 versus 10), and community mode (players can determine their rules there). Competitive mode is the main mode of the game, where most of the users play; it consists of working together as a five man squad. With over 500,000 players daily (steamspy), the game remains popular with its core concepts. To add on, Sergio Alloza Castillo states, “it is very common for players to synchronize with each other and cooperate, agreeing on the point of the map (A or B) to go selecting the best equipment in just a few seconds or generating strategies among all” (Improve your soft skills…, par 15). Teamwork and strategy is key because the players have to work together to make sure they can defeat the opposing squad and get a total of 16 rounds out of the 30. In fig. 1, the counter terrorists are all going in one direction as a unit to defeat the terrorists. In fig. 2, the terrorists plant the bomb and there is a 40 second time limit before the bomb explodes and the terrorists win. However, within that time limit, the counter-terrorists must defuse the bomb to win the round. Teamwork and strategy must be utilized because in a situation like this, the counter-terrorists must work together to ensure that the terrorists are eliminated and the bomb is defused, all within a 40 second time limit. In fact, an achievement in the game, Blitzkrieg, is achieved if the players defeat the enemy team in less than 30 seconds. Sergio Alloza Castillo states that this achievement proves that a team of players have the ability to synchronize, work together, and quickly process information in the game to identify an enemy and fire at them. Players must be ready to work together and strategize their way to defeat the opposing team.  

First person shooter game takes on a realistic approach, as shown in figures 1 and 2, where the character models are that of a human, the landscape is similar to the real world, and the textures are realistic. Each round is 1 minute, 55 seconds long with a bomb plant being an additional 40 seconds. This game simulates FBI and terrorist encounters, where the key is to strategically work together as a team to take down the enemies, whether it is by elimination, time ends, or bomb explodes. According to Sergio Alloza Castillo, the player has to understand “where he is aiming at, if the weapon is loaded or not, if there are enemies nearby, if any try to dodge them and point them successfully, and all of this taking into account the position of teammates…” (“Improve your soft skills…, par. 9). Within the 1 minute, 55 second time frame of a round, the player has to take into account all of this information with his teammates; this proves that by practicing, CS:GO is able to enhance the speed of processing information and reasoning of its players. A multitude of strategies can be created as the games offers 20 different maps, with 20 different layouts in each map. Depending on the map, strategies have to be made to ensure the defense or take over of the bomb sites.  


Fig. 2. Bomb plant by the terrorist team (Anvinh)



With this first person shooter, if the team does not work together or strategize, it would ultimately lead to their downfall. The inability to do so would ruin effective communication in game and cause the team to be dysfunctional and lose against the opposing team. Similar to real world concepts, working together as a team and ensuring effective communication and strategy making skills will eventually lead to success. In CS:GO, following these concepts would ensure a round win and eventually the match. “I think there will always be a place for CS, because people appreciate that skill-based gameplay” (Boom, 15 Years of Headshots, 11/25/2018). Whether playing for fun or for sport, CS:GO embraces the skills of teamwork and strategies that can be effectively displayed in game and outside in the real world.


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Research Paper 

Anvinh Truong

English 1100/A

Intro to Composition

Prof. I. Bodre

December 8, 2018

The Importance of Vaccinations for Children

Vaccinations were introduced by a person named Edward Jenner who, in 1796, performed the first vaccination in the world. Immunity, which in a person’s body, is a number of cells called antibodies that help protect the body against unknown substances. A way to get immunity from unknown viruses is by getting vaccinated. Children do not have a developed immune system, therefore have no immunity to fight off against unknown diseases like smallpox. To help the body maintain a healthy number of antibodies for the immune system, vaccinations during adolescence should take place; it will help the body fight off against life threatening diseases. Children who do not get vaccinated are prone to contract diseases easily and have a higher chance of dying than those who do get vaccinated. Parents should get their child immunized because it is safe and effective, will help protect them against fatal diseases, and it protects future generations.

Edward Jenner, a country doctor, conducted an experiment where he took a cowpox lesion from a milkmaid’s hand and inoculated an eight-year old boy with it (Riedel, par 18). He later found out cowpox protected the boy from the infection of smallpox and that discovery was the foundation to creating vaccines. The discovery was revolutionary during 1796 because vaccines were not available; hundreds of babies and children were dying from diseases like measles, smallpox, pertussis, and more. According to two professors, Stern and Merkel, a little over a century ago, “the U.S. infant mortality rate was a staggering 20 percent and the childhood mortality rate before the age of five was another 20 percent” (Stern, par. 3). Infants and children were not immune to any of the diseases that were common at the time and they were prone to contracting the diseases and as a result, die from them as well. The discoveries made by Jenner on vaccinations helped fight off against diseases, increasing the life expectancy rate of humans. The average life expectancy rate for a U.S. citizen before the introduction of vaccines was 35-40 years (which was old during that time), but after, the life expectancy went all the way up to 80 years of age. The immunity that people needed to fight off against fatal diseases like smallpox and polio was very effective as it wiped them out of existence. To add on, according to Loria, a journalist covering science and health, he wrote that, “by 1979, vaccination programs had wiped out smallpox in the wild around the planet” (Loria, par. 2). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that there are no more reports regarding polio in the United States thanks to vaccinations. Vaccines should be implemented at a young age as they are helping children live a longer life, immunize themselves from fatal diseases, and even getting rid of some of them completely.

Vaccines are safe for children and are not meant to cause harm to them. With the utmost care and analysis, vaccines are only given to children after professionals understand and review them to make sure it is safe. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “vaccines are only given to children after a long and careful review by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals” (par. 3). The time and dedication to make sure the safety of vaccinations is immense because human lives are at stake. To add on, to ensure the safety of vaccines, large sample sizes are researched upon to approve of the safety among the majority. Based on the FDA, “the trial for Prevnar, a vaccine against invasive pneumococcal diseases, included almost 40,000 infants” (par. 4). Following the results of such a large sample size, scientists further review the resulting data and conduct their own tests as well (FDA, par. 5). To even further ensure the safety of vaccines, the FDA requires the firm that experiments on the vaccination to provide test samples so that they can do their own testing. Cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other institutions, research and develop even safer vaccines (FDA, par. 8).  In Figure 1, the infographic shows that even after all of the safety checks made by the FDA and other institutions, safety checks still happen post production to determine if a vaccine is still safe to use.


Figure 1. Infographic containing information on how the CDC monitors vaccines post production to determine if it is still safe to use (CDC).


Fatal diseases, such as polio and smallpox were once a threat a few centuries ago, but with vaccinations, it is no longer an issue. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states, “Vaccines have reduced and, in some cases, eliminated many diseases that killed or severely disabled people just a few centuries ago” (par. 6). Diseases like polio and smallpox were once considered deadly, but vaccines have reduced it to the point where it is not considered a threat to the wellbeing of a person since it can be treated easily. In fact, Loria states that in the U.S. there has been a “98% reduction in cases of other vaccine-preventable diseases including measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus” (par. 15). It is a beneficial situation for every person because not only would fatal diseases would be wiped out, future generations won’t be affected by something that doesn’t exist anymore.

However, there are still parents that do not feel that it is safe for children to get vaccinated because of information and side effects. There are parents that are informed differently in what vaccines do for their child, in turn causing them to not take the risk and vaccinated their child. A mother named Tara Haelle declined to get her newborn vaccinated for Hepatitis B because she was unsure. Sheriff, a journalist for Ted writes that Tara was “unsure what the risks might be for her newborn and feeling that she hadn’t done enough research, she declined…” (par. 2). Tara had not done enough research and instead of acting upon it, she decided to not do anything at all.


Figure 2. Information regarding parents view on vaccinations and their stance on if they got their child vaccinated or not because of certain circumstances. (Brundha).


According to figure 2, 34% percent of parents that partook in the study stated that they didn’t immunize their child because of the lack of information. Also, according to Torun (from BMC Public Health), a study conducted among Health Care Workers found that 55.6% of them did not vaccinate their children in regards to the pandemic influenza (pg. 4). They believed that the vaccination was not safe based on information from the media, rather than medical and scientific research. Currently, we have the internet and many other forms of communication to find out that vaccines are safe; if parents are unsure about getting their child vaccinated, then they can research more through government websites that are reliable, like the CDC and the FDA to find that vaccines are indeed safe for their child.

Some parents believe that vaccinations have side effects that can harm their child, such as autism. This type of misinformation is what makes parents believe to be true, but the truth is that there is no correlation between autism and vaccines. The CDC states, “studies have shown that there is no link between receiving vaccines and developing ASD” (par. 1). The ingredients in vaccines, more specifically thimerosal, is a mercury based preservative and it did not have any relation to autism (CDC). To add on, thimerosal was even removed between 1999 and 2001, except for some flu vaccines to prove to people that autism was not contracted from vaccines. Like any other medical product, side effects, such as: headache, mild fever, injection site pains, fatigue, etc. are common (NHS). The NHS states that a rare vaccine side effect is an allergic reaction that can potentially be life-threatening, but is fewer than 1 in a million cases and can be reversed if treated promptly. There are very rare instances in which vaccines can harm a child, but all the safety measures are taken into account when creating the vaccine as safety is the number one priority.

More people should be aware that vaccinating children is a safe decision that can protect their lives. The process to create vaccines and ensure its safety is a long process as it gets reviewed by the FDA, experimented on a large sample size, and further experimented on by the CDC. The lack of information that is spread to ensure people that vaccines are safe is not acceptable; people need to understand that vaccines are safe and should be used. Side effects are common in vaccines, like any other medical product, but the only severe side effect contracted  would be an allergic reaction; autism does not come from vaccines. Parents should get their child immunized because it is safe, protects them from fatal diseases, and protects future generations.


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Research Paper on Vaccinations – Anvinh Truong

The writing process for the research paper was a long one because a lot of information had to be gathered on the topic of my choice. I first found over 6 websites that I could incorporate into my paper (and would later add more sources from professional studies). All of these websites that I found were related to vaccinations and the safety on it for children and adolescence.

Next, I created a rough draft that would include the sources I gathered and since it was about how children should get vaccinated, I needed the opposing side as well and found more sources on that. This draft was very basic and need more research on the topic of vaccinations, so I had to get more sources that provided more conclusive evidence.

I encountered a problem that I usually did whenever I wrote papers, and it was that I never proof read. I did not proof read my draft, and it clearly showed on the feedback I received from my English professor.

I did incorporate the feedback I was given from my professor, but I also added in more sources to back up my claims and refute the opposing side. My final draft of the research paper also included images to further enhance the argument.

I had some experience in writing research papers, but this was the one where I really had to focus and understand what to do since it was the final paper. I understood that I had to proof read this one, or else it wouldn’t be up to standards of getting a good grade. Overall, I really learned from writing this paper and it was a good learning process for me.

Analysis Paper on Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Anvinh Truong

What I first did when I started on my Analysis Paper was to find out the topic that I was going to analyze. One topic that really caught my interest was in gaming, more specifically first person shooters. I always hear from parents that gaming and guns online is not good for people, but I was going to prove them wrong. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first person shooter where a lot of strategy and teamwork is involved. I decided to focus on this top and analyze how this game provides real world skills.

After I figured out my topic, I decided to create an outline with sources I found on the internet. This rough outline would just be a base for what I would focus my analysis on and would later fix. I then went to the writing center at CCNY to get some feedback from the helpers there so that I can incorporate that information into the final draft of the paper.

The feedback given to me from the writing center really helped me focus on the analysis and understand where I should go with the paper, involving evidence from outside sources and analytical data as well.

I never really learned much about analysis papers in high school so I was a little confused with the paper, but this was a great learning experience for me that I will use in future writing papers. It helped me understand how to analyze and understand a certain topic.

Profiles – Pokemon Go

The next paper that I had to complete was a profile. The desired topic that I addressed for my profile is Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a game that was released in 2016 that changed the mobile gaming industry forever and I decided to choose it as my next topic. I already had experience with Pokemon Go and the Pokemon franchise in general, so it was something that was exciting for me to discuss.

What I first did was research the release of Pokemon Go and the creators of the game, Niantic. Niantic had history in the mobile gaming industry already with their game, Ingress. Pokemon Go came to be because of Ingress and the Pokemon Company’s director, Mr. Ishihara’s love for the game.

After researching the history of the game and the company, I decided to create a rough draft of the profile and talk about the history of NIantic, history of the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Go, and the mechanics of the game. I quickly proofread the paper and turned in the paper.

I turned in the draft and went to the writing center at ccny to further discuss improvements for the paper. I also went to discuss with the professor about improving the paper and my writing skills as a whole.

Finally, I pieced all of the feedback I got from the writing center, my professor, and my knowledge to finish my final draft and hand it in. Creating drafts and getting help from other people really helped me understand the paper as a whole and overall made it simpler for me to understand and finish it. I had an amazing time writing this profile and can’t wait for the next one!


Paper 1 – Anvinh Truong

Creating a personal narrative was fun and interesting because all the information that was put into the paper had to be detailed to the point where someone who doesn’t know me personally would understand the situation. It took a lot of time and effort to create this paper because I wanted to make sure that I got something out of the experience that was personal to me.

First, I had to brainstorm all of the types of experiences that I had. The best personal experience that I could remember was that of Christmas last year. It was a time where I was with all of my family and learned how to enjoy my time with my family members.

Second, I created a draft of the paper to see where my writing would take me and would make improvements later on.

Third, with fellow peers, we reviewed each others papers and commented on how it could be improved on. The paper was also given to the professor to review.

Fourth, after getting feedback from the professor and peers, I took the constructive criticism into consideration and made sure to include it into my paper to make it more personal to me.

Fifth, I proofread the paper to make sure that there were no errors and I printed/published the paper.

It was really interesting to create a personal narrative because I have never really have done it in my other schools and it was fun for me.